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How His Kids’ Bedtime Routine Inspired this Dad’s Book Business

These Kidioke books are a huge hit with the kids in the Radiology Dept.

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Our recent endorsement from Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki.

Our recent endorsement from 'Kelly's Thoughts on Things' for Easter 2017.

Whoopi Goldberg featured Kidioke on The View!

Sound books in which licensed timeless music is incorporated into children’s sound books and a karaoke app. The books plays the song in its entirety. The lyrics of the song are the text of the book and the illustrations act out those lyrics.

Our recent endorsement from 'Kelly's Thoughts on Things' for Mother's Day 2017.

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There is high quality audio that plays the song in its entirety and the reader is able to following along with an LED timer in a karaoke like environment. We love this product!

Every book Kidioke sells is a song come to life! There is an electronic component that plays the song of your choosing from beginning to end.

Kidioke is featured on One Messy Mama.

I have started what I believe to be a revolutionary new business in which licensed timeless music is incorporated into children’s sound books and a karaoke app.

Kidioke is featured on Parenting Healthy.

A large body of research shows how talking, reading and singing to young children every day helps them learn, and benefits their physical and emotional health.

New book claims that 'signature' melodies and inflections of traditional rhymes prepare children's brains for language.

Help your preschooler get ready to read by filling her life with music.

This incredible book was just featured on the View today as one of Whoopi’s favorite holiday gifts.

My earliest memory of reading is singing from the Baptist hymnal. I remember being four-and-a-half, standing next to my mother, moving my finger under each hyphenated syllable as we sang. This was a new honor, as my mother had always done that job. Now I could do it!

It's no mystery that "Hit 'Em With the Hein" has captured the hearts and minds of America (and the world). Now, the hit catch phrase has conquered a new field: kids' karaoke.

As much as I love my child and love her enthusiasm, this momma's enthusiasm for repetition is gone. However, I have been introduced to an exciting unique book brand called, KIDIOKE MEDIA.

It's a children's sound book that comes with a karaoke app that plays one of the most classic songs ever, and my kids are obsessed. The PERFECT Christmas gift for the kids, but mostly for us moms.

They are all songs that are great for listening to, follow along with, and sing along with a when we pick out our bedtime books.

Let me begin by saying that the quality of the audio was fantastic. It was the original song, as sung by Armstrong, not some weird computer generated robot that I’ve heard in music books before.

Christmas is right around the corner. Are you still at a lost when it comes to buying for your smallest fan? Then you have to check out Kidioke!

Just recently we've been introduced to a new series of books that offers a neat twist on how we do storytime. They're called kidioke!

Brian Dwyre, father of 3 and creator of Kidioke, has been recognized as a "dadtrepreneur" who thinks outside the box. It's easy to figure out why - he's created an interactive, state-of-the-art, fun, educational book that is fun for your kids and you! What could be more outside the box than that?!

Check out Kidioke Media on Lehigh Valley PA's number one local news and weather station WFMZ!

Bryan Dwyre talks about his motivation for creating Kidioke, and how it can help you and your kids enjoy classic songs. It may even make bedtime a little easier (and more fun)!