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A free app in which consumers will enjoy animated videos set to timeless hits with a Karaoke component.  The song and live animation will begin simultaneously.  The lyrics of the song will be displayed with a synchronized music note following along.  The actions of the characters will act out those lyrics and in some cases help illustrate the artist's meaning in a story book type reel.  The customer will automatically be utilizing the camera on his/her phone recording them while they enjoy the clip.  The user will be able to record themselves, audio/visual, singing and dancing along with the music.  These recordings can then be saved, named and shared with loved ones via text or email.  The recording your recipient enjoys will be that of the stars (your kids or yourself) in action, not of the animated video itself.

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The Kidioke app on the Apple Store lets you sing along to the music videos below with an in-app purchase.

What a Wonderful World

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My Girl

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