What's the Next Step in this Business?

Posted by Kidioke on 2/4/2017 to News

Just watched the movie Joy and feeling reinvigorated to follow my dreams as an “inventor” of sorts for Kidioke Media. Like the woman portrayed in Joy, I too have had multiple ideas throughout the years and it was really interesting to see that after all those years she had kept inventing and patenting these really successful products. It was even cooler to see that the mop the movie centered around was one that I owned in college. On a side note I have to say the mop kind of stunk in my opinion however I did find it cool enough to buy so who am I to say. But I digress.

So here we are coming up on the third quarter since my books arrived and the first round of royalties have been mailed out. Advances were satisfied rather quickly which I’m very happy about because that means a lot of books were sold. Lullabye is not performing quite as well as Wonderful World and My Girl but I expected that. When I started Kidioke I had no idea what Lullabye was. It wasn’t until my friend told me it would make a good song did I recognize its appeal. I’ve always been a huge Billy Joel fan but that song didn’t get much air play at least not that I can remember. I actually think the app video and the story it tells is far better than my other two titles. Just a side note if you’re debating which one to get.

Next step in this process is what? Do I attempt QVC or HSN? Do I consider an infomercial to really drive home just how great this product is? I mean there are so many darn great uses for this book. It’s of premium quality. I am using the original artist’s voice whenever possible which adds value. The sound quality is amazing – the LED timer is super cool. There is an educational component of both reading and counting. It has that special something that both the parent and child can enjoy equally. I mean it should be a homerun. Question is will people take the time to see what is does and how it works? Will they take the time to learn about Kidioke and the process of it – like how the karaoke component works. Will they buy the app for just 2.99? I mean it’s a great price when you think about it. You pay 99 cents per song anyway. This is adding a video/audio component along with a sharing service. The animated video is awesome too. It does its best to portray the song’s literal meaning. What’s not to love?

I’m going to make a prediction that by 2020 I have 10-15 titles and they all are selling well. People are going to understand the value of these books and that no home with a toddler should be without at least one title. It’s going to become one of the most popular books ever found on a baby registry. I’m that confident. I’m looking forward to adding some new titles that will appeal to just about every genre. Really would love to get a more current artist however I would want the song to have meaning which can be hard to find these days. Hoping they’ll acquiesce to most favored nations and understand the importance of getting their music to the next generation. Time will tell.

You heard it here first though – Kidioke has been things coming…