The Moment You've Been Waiting For

Posted by Cherilyn Reynolds on 5/28/2016 to News
Our app provides the opportunity for you to record, sing, share, and listen to your kids (and maybe even a cameo made by you, grandma, Aunt Joan, etc.) sing songs that YOU love, like "What a Wonderful World" or "Lullabye." With the addition of the Kidioke books, your kids will be taking that performance to a whole new level, as they sing, read lyrics, follow the verse timer, and turn pages toward the end of the song. What they won't realize, as they are singing along to the catchy tune and looking at the cartoon animations that act out the lyrics, is that they are LEARNING! Yes, learning! Our books make reading fun. As kids recognize and sing lyrics, they learn to read them right before your eyes. The pictures acting out the lyrics actually help the kids read and remember what the words mean. There is nothing better than proving that reading is fun!

Each set of lyrics is displayed on the page, along with the corresponding time in the song. There is a digital timer in the top right corner of the book so that your child can associate that part of the song with the lyrics on the page. For example, at 2:07 in the "My Girl" songbook, you would be on the page with the words "what can make me feel this way..." This helps stimulate memory, association, and even communication skills!


Curious how our books work? Check out the video below.

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