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Posted by Brian Dwyre on 8/15/2016 to News

Totally enjoying my time running Kidioke Media so far.  Feel like we it’s bringing a ton of joy to kids around the country.  Our reviews (which have been few and far between) have all been 5 stars and I can see that things are moving in a great direction.  Recently we’ve gotten a lot of attention from some celebrities and even had a few posts from Snooki, the former star of the Jersey Shore on MTV.  She’s a Mother of two children and they both happen to love the books, so it’s been great some big time exposure on social media.  Recently I have mailed free copies to over 30 celebrity Mothers as well.  Can’t wait to see if they post a pic or video of their child(ren) enjoying them.

Recently we did a Zulily campaign in which a bunch of books were sold at a pretty hefty discount.  We’ll probably do this annually as it’s a good way to get the name out there a little quicker.  We also are now offered via Amazon Prime and Etsy.  In addition, we are now in three brick and mortar stores in the area.  Jabberwockey in Chatham, Short Stories in Madison, and Hallmark store (Huggables) in Branchburg, New Jersey now proudly sell our books on their shelves J


The next step in Kidioke’s long haul is to start spending some money on advertising!!  Commercials coming your way so keep an eye out and watch what’s new by following us on Facebook.  Can’t wait to get my cute kids out there on TV showing their love of the books and the app.  What a great ride……………. 


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