One More Roll of the Dice!

Posted by Kidioke on 1/17/2017

In an effort to get some serious celebrity action we've decided to call out two of the best entertainers in the country today.  We have always loved these two and their connection with one another.  Both awesome musicians in their own right and super talented - we had to challenge them!  History of Rap was TIGHT but how about History of Rock?  Who wouldn't love to see JT and Fallon get back together and crush it as they always do.  I know we'd be entertained.

We also know that Jimmy is SUPER competitive and doesn't typically back down to a challenge.  If you're familiar with his Tonight Show he is constantly challenging guests to games of skill - whatever it may be.  Something about that we love over here. Competition can be fun and a great motivating factor.  Doesn't hurt that they both have about 50 million followers a piece :P