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Posted by Brian Dwyre on 10/1/2015 to News

My youngest daughter loves for me to read sing-along books to her.  We have a few with traditional nursery rhyme/song books like Old Macdonald and The Wheels on the Bus.  I have to tell you, after a few repeats, I sound more like an old audio tape being eaten in the player.  I'm not sure why she loves it so much. The songs are so short my head begins to feel dizzy after the third round, leading me to beg for someone else to take over -- even for just a few seconds.

This situation is exactly what Kidioke was created to avoid.  The creator(s) of Kidioke designed their app and books as a way to provide children with sing-along books that parents will actually enjoy singing with them (even on repeat). 

About the Kidioke App:

Kidioke Media / Bed Rock Anthems has designed an app in which consumers will enjoy animated videos set to timeless hits with a Karaoke component. The song and live animation will begin simultaneously. The lyrics of the song will be displayed with a synchronized music note following along. The actions of the characters will act out those lyrics and in some cases help illustrate the artist's meaning in a story book type reel. The customer will automatically be utilizing the camera on his/her phone recording them while they enjoy the clip. The user will be able to record themselves, audio/visual, singing and dancing along with the music. These recordings can then be saved inside the app and stored through the cloud.

Mom's Thoughts:                 

I'm excited that the Kidioke app has the ability to record the user while they are singing along to the songs. I think this is what separates it from being a sing-along book app.  It is truly a special feature because kids love being able to see themselves and share their videos with everyone else.  I think Kidioke is perfect for when I want to sneak away for an hour or so.  Instead of my littlest holding articles of my clothing like a blanket screaming, he can hang onto the iPad watching me sing/read to him.