Children's Sound Books & App

Posted by Brian Dwyre on 2/15/2016

Kidioke has created a fun and engaging way for parents and kids to enjoy bedtime stories with one another.  Kidioke has two products.  A book and an app.  The book is quite simple.  Simply hit play on the electronic plastic component and the toddler will hear the full version of My Girl, Lullabye, or What a Wonderful World. The text of the book is the lyrics of the song and the illustrations actually act out those lyrics.  It's something Mom and Dad will enjoy as well because the book is playing songs that they grew up on and their parents before them sang.  These days it's difficult to help children learn while entertaining the parents simultaneously.  We believe Kidioke has the solution.

The app is pretty amazing and my kids demand to watch at least two videos each before bed.  It's a fully animated video and each song is an in-app purchase.  It's great for parents that want to be involved and it's even better for parents that have had a long tough day and just want to lay down and let the app do all of the work.  My kids are 5,4, and 2.  They're at the point where they easily know how to click on which video to watch and how to turn the camera function on and off.  I can give them my phone and lay back while they enjoy, and when the song stops playing, they know it's bedtime.  

The way the app works is quite simple as well.  You press play and the animated video along with the song that correlate begins.  There is a karaoke note that follows along with the lyrics indicating when it's time to sing each word.  Also at the outset when you press record the camera function on your tablet or mobile phone immediately kicks on in reverse so you can see yourself (or your children can see themselves).  At any point in the video & audio recording you wish to stop it, and save it.  No problem.  You can save it under any name you choose and watch it later. This is great for parents going away from home for a weekend, being deployed overseas, recording kids to show off to friends and family...the list goes on.  As a parent you can record as many personalized good night songs as you choose before going away and have the babysitter play it for them at night.  Not to mention, there have been many articles proving that reading and music can be essential in helping children's brain's develop and grow.  

Bottom line is.. toddlers and kids ask for two things when they go to bed.  -Read me a Book and Sing me a Song.  This product does both!  Tell your brother, sister, friends, parents, and grandparents.  We're hoping to change bedtime for the better.   For just five bucks this app pays for itself after the first night.  It's time to discover what my family already knows.