Attempt to get on Howard Stern

Posted by Brian Dwyre on 11/15/2016 to News

Howard Stern - Here I come.
So as an entrepreneur I've learned and read that you must think outside the box.  Being a life-long Howard Stern fan and listening to countless shows I've learned some things about the shock jock.   Howard loves to play clips of people referencing Baba Booey and more recently shouting, "Hit Em With the Hein!"  I know that it's been shouted and referenced ad nausea but I also know that nobody has been crazy enough to spend the kind of money required to post a billboard with the saying. we are.  Just days before the Christmas shopping season begins, and it's time to take yet another risk. Here's hoping you'll hear my call on air sometime before Christmas.  And don't forget to HIT EMMMM WITH THE HEINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!